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Published 15 November 2021

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The photography is only the canvas of a 360º tour. The design and content tell your brand story so make sure what you have created for you ticks all the boxes. The end result should be a brand experience, not a photo gallery.

Virtual Tours for Schools

Choosing a design-led approach

Why should you choose a design-led approach? Most schools have virtual tours now. Yet, so many that we see published on websites are the same design as each other (or no design). Many tours created are in similar software to each other and they offer very little in terms of design or even consideration as to what the user might want to view, interact with or do on a virtual tour. Menu design, iconography, album and gallery designs – all are key features of a tour. Most tours out there, we could swap the logo to anything else and you’d never know. As a school – demand more from your tour provider, demand a design-led approach in your 360º virtual tour.

Your school’s virtual tour is exactly like your other digital assets – school website, school film, school prospectus. What is the number one ‘must have’ when you shop for a website or prospectus for your school? Good design? One must question why many schools choose less innovative virtual tour providers with no design elements and no attention to detail in the User Experience or their customers’ journeys? Schools have beautifully designed digital assets, with thought and care and detail put into every element. The exact same should apply to your virtual tour. In other words, choose a photographer, designer, coder, UX/UI specialist all rolled into one – a photographer alone may not tick all the boxes.

Look for Design elements

It’s all about Brand Story

GOOD Design in a tour is such a crucial feature. You wouldn’t go with a website provider who couldn’t produce well-designed work for you, so treat your virtual tour provider the same.

The tour is NOT only about the photography, it is about your brand. It’s your story, it’s a visual representation of all that happens in the school. This is why a design-led approach to your 360º virtual tour is vital to telling your story.

We are so glad our tour is on-brand and feels like part of our website, but also so pleased we do not look like everybody else. The quality is exceptional and that makes all the difference to our families.

-Clongowes Wood College
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