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Published 8 November 2021

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Choosing to have a Virtual Tour for your school can be a tricky process. Why should your school have one? What are the benefits and how do you get started? Once you get started, what should you be asking for in design, UX, UI and content? How to manage that content to get the most return on your investment?

Virtual Tours for Schools

reasons why your school should have a 360º Virtual Tour

Are you thinking of having a 360º Virtual Tour made for your school? Well, if the success of our business is any indication, this new-ish product to the sector is a must-have for any school’s marketing and admissions tool-kit. So, if you’re on the fence, you should do it. Most schools are. But do you need help justifying internally why?

Our clients tell us how useful their tours have been with the admissions process and here are some example uses:

Looking different

With more than 50% of schools now having a 360º tour, it’s more important than ever that your tour look different to the rest, or else you will no longer stand out. In fact, like poor web design or poor videography, a ‘poor tour’ could damage your brand presence rather than enhance it. With all of the uses listed, how do you want to represent your school? Premium, luxury brand, thoughtful, accessible..?

Here is a document to help you make the right choices with a virtual tour provider. We have seen way too many times a repeated design and sameness across competing schools’ tours. If you look like everyone else, what makes you stand out visually? Most tours have very little attention to design, UX or even the schools own branding. It can be an expensive mistake to choose the wrong provider and have to repeat the process to get the desired look. Trust me – 3 days of gruelling photography and all the prep work that goes with it is not something you want to repeat!

Take our advice in this whitepaper and get yourself a well-designed virtual tour that stands out and says something about the way you approach your audience.

How to find a good provider Whitepaper

A PDF to download -How to find a provider whitepaper - written by Taralyn Cox
How to find a Virtual Tour Provider

I use our virtual tour everyday to meet prospective parents online. They are familiar with the school by the time we chat and it makes for an easy conversation and we can dig deeper into what they are looking for as they have been able to explore the school in advance in their own time.

-ACS Cobham Admissions
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