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Published 22 June 2023

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We donated a virtual tour to The Shakespeare Hospice

We hope that families that visit the tour find it a useful tool. At 360 Marketing Lab, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of virtual tours to create immersive experiences for schools, businesses, and charities alike. Then, recently, we had the honour of being contacted by The Shakespeare Hospice, a beloved institution in our director Taralyn’s local community of Stratford-upon-Avon. 

As a gesture of charity and with no hesitation, we provided our services free of charge to the hospice, in hopes it would help to capture the essence of the hospice and help families understand what the hospice does and what it can do for them. When Taralyn visited the Hospice, she was struck by the openness, lightness and calmness of the facilities and the unwavering friendliness and giving nature of the staff. She wanted to capture that feeling in 360 photography and its layered content. This would make potentially difficult family visits a more comfortable experience for them.

Highlighting the remarkable ways The Shakespeare Hospice can utilise its tour to engage with families who seek solace within its walls.

Creating a Familiar Environment

Visiting a hospice can be an overwhelming experience, especially for families navigating through challenging times. The virtual tour allows families to become acquainted with the hospice from the comfort of their homes. By exploring the serene surroundings, inviting spaces, and comforting atmosphere through the tour, families can familiarise themselves with the hospice even before setting foot inside. This familiarity can greatly ease the anxiety and apprehension that often accompany such visits, particularly for more vulnerable family members.

Enhancing Emotional Support

The Shakespeare Hospice offers a sanctuary for those seeking emotional support and solace. The hospice can now extend its reach beyond physical boundaries and enhance families’ emotional connection to the hospice. 

Aiding Decision-Making

For families considering hospice care for their loved ones, making an informed decision is crucial. Families explore the facilities before a visit and take the stress out of coming to a new environment, especially when young children are involved. We hope to alleviate any doubts or uncertainties families may have, empowering them to make well-informed decisions during difficult times.

Engaging with the Community

Virtual tours are not only beneficial for families but also serve as a valuable tool for the hospice to engage with the wider community. By sharing the virtual tour on its website and social media platforms, The Shakespeare Hospice can raise awareness about its mission and showcase the nurturing environment they offer. This engagement enables the hospice to connect with potential donors, volunteers, and supporters who may be inspired by their important work.

The Tour

Our collaboration with The Shakespeare Hospice has allowed us to make a meaningful contribution to our community. It is our privilege to utilise our expertise in virtual tours to enhance the lives of those who rely on the services provided by The Shakespeare Hospice. We will remain committed to using our skills and resources for the betterment of society, one charitable act at a time.

aerial of Stratford upon avon above The Shakespeare Hospice announcing charity donation

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