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Admissions Journey: adding a 360 Virtual Tour Reasons for schools

  • 360 virtual tours for schools bring context to your content: stories sit inside 360º views of your facilities.
  • A 360 tour acts as an Admissions Microsite, where all content is tailored to a prospective family, marrying a facilities tour with information about the school.
  • A 360 virtual tour for international parents and time poor local parents acts as a surrogate visit.
  • A tour built bespoke, carefully designed and on-brand for your school avoids you looking like your competition, if they do have a tour, and will set you apart from them if not.
  • A virtual tour buys engagement with your families, recent stats on all our tours show a staggering dwell time between 15 and 20 minutes per visit, 10x more than webpages.
  • Use the tour withs share screen technology to conduct meetings with families, as part of their journey, which and sparks conversations you may not have previously had.

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