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Published 14 January 2022

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Return on investment is a big concern for school marketers. Understanding what a project's objectives are and getting results from your recruitment strategy will help you justify embarking on a project.

Case Study: King Edward’s Witley

School Virtual Tour

With Pupil Recruitment And Admissions Results

Brief: To build an improved virtual tour of King Edward’s, Witley’s School to help the admissions department and recruitment of both local and international families.

Process: Identify Objectives > Understand School Brand > Photography > Tour Build > Adding Content > Launch > Build Game > Launch > Tour families through school virtually


Virtual Tour

King Edward’s Witley and Spy Game

Experience what it’s like to go to this gorgeous school in the Surrey Hills, UK.  Immerse yourself in the tour – watch boarding videos, listen to music created by students, have a peek around the science labs and hear from the Heads of all the Departments in their Video Postcards. It’s a brand experience that every family should have the opportunity to engage in. The kids love it, especially the Spy Game they can also play while mum and dad look around the school. It’s a win win and with a Gold Award under its belt and impressive stats on Google Analytics, it’s just what your marketing strategy needs.


Natalie Dimmock Head of Marketing, King Edward’s Witley

We contacted 360 Marketing Lab to replace the simpler 360 tour we had already. Our previous iteration had been a good tool for the year we used it, but we recognised an upgrade could bring King Edward’s Witley to life and do so much more for us. It is no exaggeration to say we were simply blown away by 360ML’s work on Roedean’s tour. Seeing that was the pivotal moment that we got in contact with 360ML to have initial conversations. We started from scratch with the project and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results – both visually and in terms of ROI. A school marketer would rarely attribute one bit of collateral as a reason for an increase in admissions numbers, but we have seen fantastic results with an uplift in enquiries and admissions tours over the past months, and we are sure the tour, along with other efforts, have been part of this success. Our parents are spending on average 21 minutes on the tour and we consider that marketing gold dust. Everyone on our team feels the 360 tour was one of the best ‘spends’ of our budget, are all getting a lot of use from it, and the tour definitely gets considerable anecdotal feedback from families.

It was refreshing Taralyn, the owner, remained our point of contact and project manager throughout. Nothing was too much trouble for her and her team to do for us and I really felt she was on our side, understood the School and would do anything for us that would make the tour better. After taking great time to understand our brand pillars and admissions objectives in terms of boarding and day recruitment, 360ML were suggestive in their creative approach and helpful when it came to recommending what type of content we should be adding to reach our goals. Our goals were their goals.  Attempting to attract more girls to the School and maintaining engagement at the intake points of Year 7, Year 9, and Sixth Form were some of our key objectives that we absolutely think 360ML nailed with overall friendliness and warmth of the tour. Being able to show boarding facilities to British and international families virtually was a key driver to advancing this project with 360ML and as expected has been a huge help, setting us apart from competitors.

Their ability to adapt the tour as time goes on is also a great advantage – we have significant development projects ongoing at the School and being able to update the tour as and when new facilities are added is very helpful.

We had the 360 photos, drone images and videos, the tour build and some internal videos all created by 360ML and we were impressed with all the collateral they produced. 

The results speak for themselves – increased admissions enquiries traffic and amazing feedback from parents and young people who consider exploring the tour a ‘must do’ before and after meeting our team online or in person.  Many parents find the tour a bit of a conversation starter with whomever is touring them or introducing them to the School.  Often the videos, audio postcards and slide shows are referenced in face to face meetings with our staff or pupils and that carries on into lovely anecdotal conversations with Justin Benson, our Director of Admissions. It’s rare that a touring family does NOT mention the 360 tour!

The tour has become even more useful than we hoped and I would highly recommend 360 Marketing Lab!

—–Natalie Dimmock – Head of Marketing, King Edward’s Witley

A graphic showing 3 months of engagement statistics for King Edwards Virtual Tour created by 360 Marketing Lab.  21 minutes of dwell time on a tour is fantastic.
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