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Published 13 January 2022

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A Virtual Tour can be so helpful when it comes to recruiting families for your independent or private school. Explore below the many ways to engage your families and improve your connection with them.

Quality matters and it matters most when it’s your outward-facing marketing material showing off your assets and telling your stories. This is not a medium you want to ‘go cheap’ or ‘have a basic tour’. If you are, then you’re missing the point entirely. Here are the benefits of a virtual tour for your business.

Embarking on the creation of a virtual tour is exactly like creating a website. It sets a tone for your digital marketing, gives you a platform for adding communication and marketing content for customer journeys. It tells your story, one could say, even more than a website. What cost would you put on such an investment?

This is why we spend so much time making our tours look different from each other, adding design elements and technology into each tour that suit your needs so that the experience of the customer is a unique one, a technologically advanced one and one that says wow.

Benefits and advantages of a 360º Virtual Tour

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Image of a camera set up at sunset in front of Roedean School whilst 360 Marketing Lab took a 360 image for a special day to night transition shot to add value to their virtual tour
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